Madison College is committed to a strong, diverse, and inclusive culture—across all employee roles.

Why? Because that's what it takes to serve our diverse learning community best. Our employees play an integral role in the success of all our students. They lift each other up, too. That's why we look beyond the application and get to know the person behind it. We strive to hire people who’ll live our mission and values. Working together, we can help students and colleagues from a wide variety of backgrounds thrive.

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Anita on Being Treated Like a Person | Madison College Careers
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“I get so much support from those around me who constantly affirm me.”

- Anita,
Employee of Madison College

“I felt supported by Madison College from the very start. They delivered more than promised by sharing bountiful development opportunities to further my career.”

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Chris E.
Information Technology Instructor
School of Technologies and Trades

A Commitment to Diversity

To live up to our mission and values, Madison College aims to have our employee demographics mirror our student demographics. This effort is a work in progress that helps to cultivate a community of belonging, holistic support, and connection at Madison College. It’s just one way we continue to work to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment where all our learners and employees can succeed.

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Equity and Inclusion at Every Level

We recognize the impact on students when they see their own history and culture represented in their instructors and college staff. Take a closer look at our Equity and Inclusion Plan to see how Madison College is working to close racial and cultural gaps.

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“I know first-hand how much students appreciate seeing employees with the same cultural background. It really shows Madison College's commitment to diversity.”
Amparo M.
5.09 HSED Instructor, School of Academic Advancement
Over 40%
Of full-time instructors who identify as persons of color have been at Madison College for more than six years.

“I’ve been with Madison College for over fifteen years. I’ve felt supported and encouraged to grow both professionally and personally due to all the learning opportunities offered through the years. I now feel like I’ve become a role model helping others do the same.”

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Linda S.
Campus Operations, Reedsburg
Maire on knowing you've got help | Madison College Careers
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Madison College Work Environment

  • Community of respect
  • Feeling heard
  • There is help when needed
  • Teamwork

Employee of Color Mentoring Program

Learn to grow and thrive personally and professionally through our new mentoring program. Participants are paired with a mentor who can help build their professional network and offer great career advice. And it goes both ways! We encourage our mentors to learn from their mentees as well.

College Community Days

Twice a year Madison College faculty and staff come together to celebrate a new semester and recognize and welcome all our great new hires. Hear from a Madison College Board Member and leave feeling inspired from Dr. Daniels’ “state of the union address.”

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Zong H. photo
Zong H.
Institutional Research and Effectiveness

“I feel so empowered and proud of my culture that I'm always looking to connect with new people like me. The Affinity Groups at Madison College have given me an avenue to do just that.”

Madison College at a Glance

As a community college based in Madison, Wisconsin, we cover 40 school districts and provide education at seven campuses throughout the region. Our students earn associate degrees, technical diplomas, and certificates in one of our more than 190 programs. Many students also start their bachelor's degree at Madison College and transfer later. In fact, we're the University of Wisconsin's number one source of transfer students.

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