Get career training in Information Technology at Madison College. 

Jobs in the field are evolving as quickly as our technology. Our programs get you hands-on training in our state-of-the-art facilities to prepare you to meet the demand for skilled IT professionals.

Whether you want to start a career or are already in the field and need additional training or certification, we have a program for you. 

Information Technology Area of Study | Madison College
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Learn about career paths in IT development and support offered by Madison College.

Start Your Career in Information Technology

Information Technology is a diverse career field, from coding to cybersecurity to networking systems and telecommunications. Explore our technical diploma and associate degrees to learn how Madison College will train you to become an IT professional.

Software Developer and Data Analytics Programs

  • Web Software Developer
  • Businesses need great websites. Get the fundamentals to design interactive, secure websites and professional communication skills.
  • Front End Developer
  • Learn fundamental web development technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build functional, responsive websites.
  • Data and Analytics Specialist
  • Data analysis is critical for every business. Get the skills to understand, interpret, analyze and share vital data.

IT Infrastructure and Support Programs

  • Cloud DevOps Specialist
  • The need to provide customer service grows as more people use cloud storage and computing. Learn the fundamentals of managing these operating systems to help businesses and customers alike.
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Fight the battle against cybercriminals and scam artists by mastering virtual cyber defense strategies.
  • Desktop Support Technician
  • Get skilled in providing first-level technical support to resolve software, hardware and system problems for PC users.
  • Network Specialist
  • Design, automate and secure wired and wireless, data and voice networks, while architecting one of the most complex facets of computer technology today and in the future.
  • Systems Administration Specialist
  • Learn to manage complex IT infrastructures, facilitating uninterrupted operation and indelible security. Become a skilled professional who efficiently monitors, maintains, and optimizes resources, ensuring enhanced performance and robust data protection.
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“I'm happy because Madison College allows me to play an active role in the fight against cybercrime.”
Julie J.
IT-Cybersecurity student
More than 4,800 job openings per year
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Certificates Programs for IT Professionals

Our certificates provide IT professionals with additional training for career advancement and to meet industry demand.

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IT Apprenticeship Programs

Employers who are interested in sponsoring people in their IT departments to get classroom training at Madison College will be interested in our IT apprenticeship programs.

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