Madison College's Construction and Remodeling students gain real-world, hands-on experience building sheds and tiny homes. 

These affordable, high-quality homes and sheds are available to purchase.

Purchase a New Shed

Our 8' x 10' student-built sheds include:

  • Vinyl or wood exterior 
  • Gable roof
  • 1 window (Required for student learning.)
  • 4 x 6 roll up door

You will pay for the materials and costs vary each year. Approximate costs: 

  • Vinyl $2500
  • Wood $2800 (Arrives unpainted.)

A $200 down payment is required.

View a Shed Plan (PDF)

Interested in purchasing a shed? Contact John Stephany at

Dark colored shed in parking lot

More on Sheds ...

Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver within 20 minutes of the our Commercial Ave campus after the spring semester ends. Late May/early June.

How do you deliver?

We need to be able to back a truck and trailer to the spot where the shed will go. It’s not very maneuverable, so it needs to be a fairly straight and relatively level path to the spot. (No fences or landscaping in the way)

The shed on top of the trailer is about 12’ tall, so be sure there are no overhead obstructions such as low tree branches or power lines. If we cannot get it to the spot, we cannot provide you a shed. We cannot build or assemble the shed on site.

Does the shed need a foundation?

Actually, it comes with a built in “foundation”! The sheds are built with a floor that sits on top of 6”x6” pressure treated skids. You just need a flat spot to put it on. Some folks put in a gravel bed to sit it on to help keep weeds and rodents down.

Do you customize sheds?

Customization is limited due to our curriculum needs. Although we cannot change shed size or shape, we can add a window for additional cost or change the door.  Note, we do not finish the interiors.

Do I have to get a building permit to install this?

Talk to your local construction permitting office about this. Some require a basic permit, and have restrictions on where they are placed, and how they attach to the ground.

I’m ready to move forward! What’s the process?

Excellent! We require a non-refundable $200 down payment by check or credit card. The balance is due upon delivery.

For more information about purchasing a shed, contact

nuetral colored tiny house

Purchase a Tiny Home

Buy a well-crafted, energy-efficient home at an affordable price. Built by students under the direction of four master carpenters, these homes feature:

  • 350 - 700 square feet of space
  • One bedroom, a kitchen/dining area, living room and bath
  • Energy efficient and net-zero ready. Add solar panels and these homes can produce as much energy as they use.
  • Open floor plan
  • Sustainable building methods
  • Single-story, "age-in-place" design

The cost ranges from $50,000 to $75,000 depending on the features and materials you select.

For more information about purchasing a home, contact Eric Donovan at

More Tiny House Details

How much do tiny houses cost?

$50K to $70K. This depends on the design, size and materials chosen.

You will be responsible for the costs of moving it and finishing it. Historically, this costs between $80K to $130K, not including land. Costs will vary.

What kind of property do I need?

Check with your local municipality to see if they allow tiny homes. They each have different rules governing minimum home size, building setbacks and minimum lot size requirements. Rural municipalities may require an acceptable perc test to build.

Also, the house has to be able to get to the spot where you’d like it. A semi-truck and heavy crane maneuver the house into place.

How does the home get to my site?

All of our homes have been moved and placed by Heritage Movers 608.485.1612 or 608.732.2259. They can answer your specific questions about the feasibility of moving a house to your site. Cost can range from $4k to $10k+.

Can I move the tiny house out of Wisconsin?

Our manufactured home builder’s license is with the state of Wisconsin. The homes cannot cross state lines unless attached to a trailer like an RV.

Can I customize one of your designs?

Yes, absolutely. You will choose the exterior finishes, cabinetry, flooring and trim. Your home will reflect your needs and tastes.

Exterior and interior finishes are important elements of our program’s curriculum; we cannot provide a “shell” only.

tri colored tiny house

Can I come to you with a custom design idea for a tiny house?

Possibly – the design needs to meet our curriculum and be easily built by students. In addition, the largest home that can be moved for a reasonable cost is 40 feet long by 16 feet wide by 11 feet tall. We cannot build multi-story buildings.

Finally, if we agree to build a design of your choosing, you must provide the necessary construction documents.

What is the quality of these homes?

The homes are built by students to the exacting standards of four master carpenters with over 100 years of cumulative building experience. Our homes far exceed all code requirements.

The homes are net zero ready, meaning the homes are insulated and air sealed. A solar photovoltaic electrical system mounted to the roof could provide all the power you need.

In addition to energy efficiency, we consider the sustainability of every product used. We are working to train our students to build homes that far exceed today’s standards. You are getting a superior product.

Do the houses come with a warranty?

Madison college does not provide a warranty.There are warranties for various products used in the home.

Colorful tiny house

Will the home be completely finished when it leaves Madison College?

Your home will be 80-90% complete. You will finish the following on-site: decks, stairs, foundation, finish plumbing, finish electrical and tile work. There may be some things the students could not complete before the end of the school year. The house comes as is, and it is up to you to finish it on site.

Do you come out to site to finish them?

No. We focus our energies on teaching our students. You will want a general contractor for your building site, to get the foundation in, handle the subcontractors and suppliers. We are just another supplier for the job, albeit a very big part of it! Your contractor will finish the job and hand you the keys.

I’m ready to buy! How do I get on the waiting list?

To be added to the list, you need land that is buildable and accessible from the road, and be able to pay for the house. Until it is secured to a foundation, it’s not real estate, but a giant “durable good.” Financing can be tricky, and not all banks are open to something as unique as this.

I’m mostly just curious. Can I stop by and just look?

Yes. We host an open house coordinated with the Madison Art Walk in May.