Whether for admission or course requirement completion, you must send transcripts from other schools according to these guidelines.

Receipt of Transcripts

Official transcripts must be sent from the institutions you attended in a sealed envelope. We also accept transcripts from approved third parties such as Parchment, Credentials Solutions and National Student Clearinghouse. We cannot accept faxed, emailed, scanned, advising copy, campus use only or web-produced transcripts.

The submission of documents that are forged, fraudulent, altered from the original, obtained under false pretenses, or are otherwise deceptive is prohibited by Madison Area Technical College. Submission of fraudulent documents (directly to Madison College or via a third party like a credential evaluation service) may result in suspension, expulsion, a bar from applying for admission and/or enrolling in classes.

If your transcripts include a former first or last name, inform the Enrollment Center to minimize processing delays.

If you order your official transcript electronically and you are required to provide a Madison College school email, using enrollmentservices@madisoncollege.edu will allow us to receive the inbound transcript. Official electronic transcripts must be sent by an approved third party. We are unable to accept self-submissions of electronic transcripts.

Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to be considered official. Madison College does not accept copies of student score reports or scores listed on high school transcripts.

Processing Transcripts

Official transcripts will be electronically imaged once received by the Enrollment Center. The original documents will be destroyed. Imaged documents are kept on file for three years. After this time, you may need to resubmit your transcripts.

Custody of Transcripts

Transcripts and test scores submitted to Madison College become the property of the college and cannot be returned to you. If you would like a copy of your transcript or test scores, contact the institution or the testing agency that originated the document and request copies to be sent directly to you.

  • High School Transcript

    If you are currently in high school or charter school, submit your official in-progress transcript with your admissions application. After graduation, submit your final official transcript. High schools will notify Madison College if an applicant does not graduate, at which time Madison College will contact the applicant with alternative options. 

    Early graduation: If you have not yet graduated and plan to graduate early, we require confirmation from your high school. Please have your high school submit documentation on school letterhead that includes your name, date of birth, and anticipated graduation date. They can submit confirmation in one of the following ways:

    Email: enrollmentservices@madisoncollege.edu

    Mail: Enrollment Center, Madison College, 1701 Wright Street, Madison, WI 53704

    Please note that student submissions of early graduation confirmation will not be accepted.

  • GED/HSED Documentation

     GED/HSEDs Completed at Madison College

    • Prior to 2014, students must contact the Testing Center to get official documentation submitted to the Admissions Office.
    • After 2014, no additional steps are required as this information will be on your student file.

    GED/HSEDs Completed Elsewhere

    Official transcripts must be submitted to Madison College. GED/HSED score reports or transcripts printed on high school transcripts are not accepted.

    Guidelines for specific GED/HSED types:

    • GED/HSED 5.04/5.05 students may have a score report
    • GED/HSED 5.09 students may have a transcript
    • Students who have completed the GED02 must submit official transcripts from the awarding high school
  • Home School Transcript

    Home-schooled students should have the home-schooling agent responsible for the instruction of the student submit an official transcript.

    The transcript should list courses with grades and the grading scheme or may simply include detailed course descriptions. The transcript must be signed with an original ink signature and dated by the agent if submitted in person or by mail. The agent can also email the transcript to enrollmentservices@madisoncollege.edu.

  • Closed Schools

    If your high school or college has closed, you should contact your local or State Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to order an official document.

    If a public or private school record no longer exists, contact DPI to request the following on official DPI letterhead: name of school, year school closed, name of student, and, if recorded, the year graduated. The letter must be signed with an original ink signature and dated by a DPI representative. You may then submit that letter to Madison College.

  • U.S. Territories Transcript

    If you attended high school and/or college in one of the five U.S. territories, you must submit official transcripts from that institution. If the transcript is not in English, Madison College does not require the transcript to be translated. The Admissions team has internal processes to verify the credential.

    U.S. territories are subject to change based on U.S. policies, but currently include:

    • American Samoa
    • Guam
    • Northern Marina Islands
    • Puerto Rico
    • Virgin Islands, US
  • International Transcript

    If you received your educational credential outside the U.S., you must obtain a credential evaluation for Admission and in most cases for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). There are two credential evaluation types, with the following primary purposes:

    • A general credential evaluation converts the educational diploma and GPA to its equivalent U.S. degree type and GPA
    • The course-by-course credential evaluation converts the international transcript to list the previous courses taken and converts the course grades and credit values to the U.S. equivalents

    Translated credentials and/or transcripts are not a substitute for formal credential evaluations. Course-by-course evaluations do not provide equivalencies to Madison College courses and are not a substitute for the college’s Transfer Credit Evaluation process. The course-by-course evaluation is only used by the Credit for Prior Learning office to verify the courses previously taken and the final grade and credit values.

    Information regarding international transcripts and recommended credential evaluation services are listed on the International Student webpage.

    Students should review submission instructions for each respective credential evaluation company, as they will differ based on country of origin, education level, or document age. More information about the credential submission requirements and timelines for the two recommended credential evaluation companies are:

    It is important to note that applicants seeking F-1 student visa support from Madison College should follow the steps for International Student Admission.

    Additional Documentation Requirements for CPL

    Some credential evaluation companies provide the original credentials. If this was not provided, you may submit original credentials in your possession. If you do not have original credentials, then you will need to have official documents sent by the issuing institution, examination board, or ministry directly to Enrollment Services.

    For Transfer Credit Evaluation processes, you will also need syllabi and/or outlines of instruction for all previous international coursework you wish to have evaluated for transfer credit. If that documentation is not in English, you will need to seek out a translation service to have that documentation translated into English.