Even if you haven’t decided on a specific career, you probably have a general idea of what interests you. Congratulations! You found your area of study. You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?

Start With an Interest

Do you like to build things? Work with computers? Are you interested in health care? The first step is knowing where your interests lie.

Narrow It Down

Each area of study is a collection of programs. Having trouble deciding? Don’t worry. Your academic advisor will help you get on the right path.

Join the Employed

One of Madison College’s claims to fame is that its graduates find jobs. Many programs boast 100% employment. Quite a record!

a new successful Madison College graduate

Explore Our Areas of Study

See your future... is it on a construction site, creating amazing food for restaurant guests, writing social media posts for a business? Madison College has an area of study – and a program – for all these and more!

architecture student working at computer

Architecture and Engineering

Get into the working world quickly – or start here and transfer to a four-year engineering program.

Madison College design students at work

Arts, Design and Humanities

You’re a storyteller at heart. Make it a career with a two-year program – or go in depth with a four-year transfer.

business students working on a project


Make business your business. From accounting to marketing to risk management – so many options.

welding student at work

Construction, Manufacturing and Maintenance

Almost three dozen programs to choose from! This area of study is for makers of all kinds.

student learning how to prepare food

Culinary, Hospitality and Fitness

Make people feel comfortable, feed them well… then help them burn off the calories later. A winning strategy.

education student interacting with a toddler

Education and Social Sciences

Share your love of learning, focused on early childhood education. Get a credential in a little as a year.

optometric student talking with patient

Health Sciences

Programs in this area of study – and the careers that follow – are always in high demand.

information technology students upgrading computing hardware

Information and Technology

Cybersecurity? Make that cyber job security. Programming… networking … they’re all here.

EMS students with sim patient

Law, Protective and Human Services

It’s more than police and fire – though we have those too. It’s caring and protecting on all levels.

science student in lab class

Science, Math and Natural Resources

This area of study stretches from the lab to the forest. How is that even possible? Let us show you.

Diesel student working on tractor


Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Follow the link below. We’ll put you on the road to success right away.